60 Days to Better BD

A business development training course designed to help IP attorneys proactively and consistently increase revenue

You didn’t go to law school to learn sales, but being able to originate new revenue for your firm makes you an invaluable resource!

When it comes to business development are you struggling...

  • to convert professional connections into real business opportunities? 
  • with asking for business and following up in a way that doesn’t feel “salesy”? 
  • to develop BD skills that attract new clients and grow your legal practice? 
  • to understand the big picture, see where you fit in best and the marketing activities most suitable for you?
  • to gain new referral sources and find up-selling and cross-selling opportunities within your client-base?
  • to take proactive action and get enough business development work done? 
  • to maintain a consistent approach, creating opportunities rather than reacting to them? 

60 Days to Better BD brings together a cohort of like-minded IP professionals from around the world looking to develop strong professional bonds, and actionable skills to start marketing their services more efficiently and professionally.

With weekly live sessions and homework to provide accountability, participants are empowered to immediately put into practice the knowledge, systems, and skills developed during the course.

Specifically designed to enable action, this is not another theory lesson that gets locked away in a drawer! Participants leave after eight weeks with templates, tools, and a six-to-twelve-month BD action plan, customized to their specific needs, and the IP marketplace. 

David Perry

Co-Chair, IP & Technology Group at Blank Rome LLP - Philadelphia, PA

"I highly recommend this program, especially for new Partners and associate-level attorneys. It's an eye-opening experience that equips you with the tools and mindset to succeed, guided by Phil's outstanding teaching, who can help individuals embrace their true selves; he creates a safe space for participants to confront their fears and break through their barriers."

"One of the most empowering aspects of this program is its emphasis on taking action to implement the business development strategies discussed. It gave me the motivation and clarity needed to start taking those crucial steps towards achieving my goals."

Phil's G.R.O.W.T.H. model

60 Days to Better BD curriculum overview

  • Groundwork – Understanding the fundamental systems, mindset, and knowledge needed to be a successful business developer.
  • Refine your focus – You can’t market to everyone – identify your unique offering and understand who needs it most.
  • Outreach – Learn ways to reach out to contacts without feeling “salesy”, and practice them on people already in your network.
  • Widen your network – Learn the best ways to feed your network with a steady stream of new contacts.
  • Take Action – Take a dive deep into which activities work best and why, and then build your 6 to 12-month marketing plan.
  • Habits for success – Create consistency and a bias towards action by simplifying systems, and using best practices to do a little BD, a lot of the time.


"The greatest achievement that I've made since taking the course is being able to put together a thorough and concise business development plan and then acting on that plan."

Associate Trade Mark Attorney at Von Seidels

Course Features

Accountability and Discipline 

With guidance from an experienced teacher the cohort model fosters accountability and discipline

Structure and systems

Identify and implement marketing systems that streamline business development

Growth Through Focus

Focus on target audiences to find opportunities for up-selling, cross-selling and cultivating new referral sources to expand your client base

Cultivate a Positive Mindset

Build confidence, positive energy and a forward-looking mindset

Action-Oriented Approach

Embrace action and develop your skills through actual outreach

Effective Networking Mastery

Develop strategies and skills for meaningful professional networking, enabling you to expand and nurture your network

Efficient Follow-Up Strategies

Utilize efficient tools and strategies for follow-up to stay top of mind with key contacts and clients

Converting Relationships into Opportunities

Transform personal relationships into valuable business prospects

Building a Strong Online Presence

Learn how to use digital platforms to engage potential clients and strengthen your online presence for client attraction

Why not walk into 2024 ready for your biggest year of business development?

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Brigitta Best

 Best IP Rechtsanwälte - Frankfurt, Germany

"Whether someone just gets started learning Business Development skills or is a seasoned Business developer looking for the newest trends and insights, this course is definitely worth attending. It is a great product and I'd recommend it to anyone interested in business development.

The course isn’t just about consumption; it's about active involvement. It's a truly proactive approach to learning. The cohort gave a safe space for practice and to try out the newfound skills which was valuable. It's like learning to swim with water wings before diving into the deep end. The gradual approach allows learners to gain confidence over time, it's a smart way to nurture skills.

A key highlight was the focus on targeting the right audience which helped me stay focused. I also loved the insights shared during our group discussions, and thought the even mix of teaching, feedback, questions, and discussion was just right."

This course is for you, if you:

  • Are a Partner or Associate with more than 5 years’ experience looking to develop highly sought-after, yet hard-to-find, business development skills.
  • Want to build confidence, motivation, and energy for business development, making it all feel less like a chore!
  • Need to develop a bias towards more consistent and proactive BD action.
  • Want to build lasting business relationships to support long-term growth.
  • Want to improve your effectiveness in pitch meetings and while networking in-person and online.
  • Want templates and standardized protocols and actions that make BD more effective and efficient.
  • Want a personalized BD plan with timelines and activities tailored to your interests and skills. 


Tailored IP Expertise

Our program integrates niche IP knowledge into BD, acknowledging that conventional approaches might not suit you. With Phil Cox's two decades of experience in IP attorney BD, each cohort gains insights into the buying criteria of IP counsel and private practice attorneys. Group discussions fast-track understanding of effective strategies.

Customized Approach

Discover your optimal BD path through weekly discussions. Cohort members share real-world experiences, guiding you to focus on areas aligned with your strengths. During Outreach weeks, you engage with others, learn from their actions, and overcome fears. This journey defines your unique BD approach.

Efficient Prioritization

Our program trains you to identify high-impact BD activities and cultivate consistent habits. Embracing action-oriented progress ensures continuous BD advancement. Cohort dialogues address integrating BD into your busy routine, offering practical strategies for success.

Accountability and Success Roadmap

Being part of a cohort fosters accountability, ensuring weekly engagement and task completion. The intensive eight-week course helps you develop a practical six-to-12 month BD plan, aligning your vision of success.

Phil's IP Specialization

With 20+ years focused on IP, Phil Cox brings frontline sales expertise, honed communication skills as a publisher of IP magazines, and active involvement in IP attorney associations and conferences. Clients value Phil's collaborative style, designed to help you excel."

Interested in signing-up?

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Course starting Monday 9th October.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cohort model in our course groups participants into small, accountable teams for weekly interaction, peer learning, and networking. It fosters support, feedback, and a shared journey to enhance business development skills. You should expect cohorts to be between 8 and 12 people.

A large part of the course is to provide you with easy-to-use guides, worksheets, templates, product links, and examples. We provide the following and a few other bonus items along the way:
  • Marketing contacts management sheet (CRM spreadsheet) 
  • Client/network analysis and target market selection worksheet 
  • Proven places and people IP attorneys find work (guide) 
  • Marketing software recommendations with sign-up links 
  • Meeting request email examples 
  • Asking great questions cheatsheet 
  • “Ultimate networking guide for IP attorneys” 
  • LinkedIn how to’s and best practices guide 
  • Comms and media timeline planner 
  • Marketing plan and BD action plan timeline template

Having an instructor who comprehends the challenges specific to the IP world means you get guidance grounded by real-life experience of what really works and what doesn’t. Most often, we personally know the conferences you attend, the associations you are members of, the communication channels you might want to use (and the editors there!), and some of the very people you are selling to. There is peace of mind in knowing there is rarely a BD-related idea or situation we haven’t encountered before.

The course aims to optimize your BD processes to fit into your busy schedule and enhance efficiency. The course will require about 3 hours per week. Good practice is for attorneys to spend between one and three hours each week on business development anyway, depending on their role and your need to generate revenue.

By joining this course, you should learn BD specifics for IP attorneys and shortcut your understanding of what works, how, and what not to waste your time on. Moreover, you will develop skills that will set you apart from the vast majority of other attorneys that will stay with you for the rest of your career. You will learn the transferable skill of generating revenue.

The teaching portion of the course is recorded and will go live on the Monday of each week of the course, at which time homework for the week is also set. The live cohort meets on Thursdays (time to be determined by the makeup of your cohort), usually late morning ET. These group sessions are designed to put the week’s teaching into a real-life perspective and discuss potential best strategies to implement the homework.

Except for the US, we try to ensure that each cohort participant is the sole representative from their jurisdiction.

Yes! Taking feedback from previous cohort members, the recorded learning, followed by live sessions is specifically designed to allow introverts to digest the materials before entering a group discussion. We want to ensure those less comfortable in a live group setting get a learning experience from which they will excel.